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Living with dementia is hard for a resident. At Braintree Nursing Home, our specially trained staff provides the highest standards of care to residents with Dementia. We've been providing both dementia and nursing care for nearly 40 years, and always put the resident's needs first.

 Tailor made care plans for each  resident

Dementia residents have the right to personal care that is tailored to their individual case. That is what we provide, based upon our principles of sensitive and respectful nursing.

It is important to allow all of our residents freedom, but at the same time to provide safety and security. Our secure premises allow residents to walk around the home and gardens unhindered, but they can't leave the premises without staff permission and assistance.

 Supporting the family

Dementia does not only affect the resident, it affects the family too. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding dementia. We also provide respite care at the home, allowing you time for yourself.

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 Safety and security

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