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Every resident is different and needs treating as an individual. Braintree Nursing Home respect that, it's at the centre of our care planning system. All care plans are reviewed at regular intervals, to ensure they remain relevant and meet the changing needs of the resident.

 Involving the family in caring  decisions

Nobody knows more about our residents than their immediate family. This is why we like to encourage them to read the care programme as we value their input. Call us to find out more.

There can be many interested parties in a care programme, and we keep them all in the loop. Of course the residents themselves are key, but we also talk families, doctors, social workers and other relevant people. By doing this, we can provide excellent care programmes.

 Maintaining dignity

Dignity is important at all stages of life, so we always treat our residents with love, care and respect. We encourage our residents to personalise their surroundings and welcome them bringing furniture and keepsakes from their current home.

 Talking to the professionals

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